Monday, February 25, 2013

eWeHelp - CCTV Security system provider in Jalandhar

eWeHelp Technologies is an emerging IT solution providing company based out of Jalandhar, Punjab. eWeHelp Technologies deals in the installation of CCTV, Security systems, DVR, IP cameras for both personal and commercial use. Their  service includes:

CCTV jalandhar eWeHelp
  • D.V.R installation
  • C.C.T.V installation
  • I.P camera
  • Online viewing from home
  • Guaranteed products
  • Good quality of service
  • Annual maintenance
  • Website development and maintenance

You will get the best service at a very low price as compared to other competitors in the market. Contact  today and secure your business and home through their high tech security systems.

Post your comments or feedback regarding their service.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

eWeLink - A Campus networking website

Hi Friends

Here is a great news for students and pass-outs.  A brand new campus networking website eWeLink has been launched. This is a very new concept of engaging campus students through social media. I will discuss some of the key features included in this website and then will move on to the Pros and cons.


  • Users can virtually mark their attendance daily in order to collect points at eWeLink.
  • They can mark proxy for their buddies.
  • There is a daily poll where users can vote as Yes, No or Can't Say
  • The Get Famous Application allows the user to display his/ her image to the world.
  • The Campus War App shows the current rank of the campus w.r.t all other campuses.
  • Hall of Fame app will display the list of winners and winning campus at the end of every month.
  • Inside the My campus page, users can Post their thoughts, Images and YouTube videos.
  • Unlike Facebook, eWeLink has the option to Dislike any post that you don't like.
  • Using the Announcement application, users can send and instant announcement of any important news to their buddies.
  • The Shopping App can be used to send virtual gifts to your buddies.
  • There is a job portal that displays jobs for campus students.
  • There are some cool games included in the website.
  • Apart from all the above cool features, eWeLink has some conventional features like managing your friend list, sending messages, Chat box, Search box, Notifications, Settings, Profile, etc.
As I have covered most of the features of eWeLink, I will now go with the pros and cons of this website


  • Since eWeLink has been designed for students only, so there is a very low risk of bad or explicit content. Also the website is continuously monitored by the administrators for any unwanted content.
  • The news section in the very beginning of the website is a very useful widget. Students can quickly go through the top headlines.
  • Users can invite their Facebook friends to eWeLink to increase their network of buddies at eWeLink. This will help them to increase their campus rank.
  • There is a friendly tour on the first page that takes the user through the major features of the website and helps them understand the functionality better.
  • The poll topics are usually related to current affairs and is posted by the members themselves. It is really a nice feature as it will help the students learn while they enjoy their social network.
  • New users can login or signup to eWeLink by using their existing Facebook account. This has greatly reduced the time taken in the signup process.
  • Users can directly post to Facebook using eWeLink. There is no need to put a single post at two different sites. The user can put their post at eWeLink and check the "Post to Facebook" checkbox and the post will be saved in Facebook too.


  • The major issue a user might face while using eWeLink will be the less number of friends he has on eWeLink  when compared to other social networking website. He/she will have to create their network of buddies on eWeLink to have a better experience.
Overall eWeLink is a complete package of social experience for students and pass-outs  They can do almost everything that they would do on any other social networking website. In addition to that there are lot many features bundled with eWeLink.

Try this website and post your feedback and experience here.