Monday, August 9, 2010

How to create chinese mobile driver for PC

These days Chinese mobile phones are so popular that almost everyone owns one. There are so many brands like G-five, LAVA and lots more that are bundled with inbuilt gprs modem and data cable but the major drawback is that they do not provide the device driver required to run internet on a PC.

So here is a simple hack to enable internet browsing on your PC without having to buy any device driver. (This is a windows XP tested hack)
  • Attach your phone to PC using Data Cable
  • Open Control Panel
  • Double click on the Phone and Modems
  • Under the modems tab click on Add button.
  • Check the don't detect my modem; i will select it from a list option
  • A new window opens having many options on the right side
  • move down the scroll and click on Standard 9600 bps modem.
  • Another window open
  • Select the COM port to which your mobile is attached and click next (e.g COM 1).
  • Thats it. Now you can create a new connection using your new standard 9600 bps modem which is your cellphone modem.
Note : If the above doesn't work then download the device driver from here and try the above steps again.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to make your windows xp sp3 genuine

Most of us face problems while installing windows xp as it requires activation over internet and if we do not activate it then it runs on a trial basis which works for just 30 days.

So here is a simple hack to make your windows xp service pack 3 a genuine copy. Follow these steps :
  • Go to START and click on run.
  • type regedit to open the registry editor.
  • On the registry editor window look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  • Now expand it and look for SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> Current Version
  • Now click on WPAEvents.
  • On the right side of the window you will find the details.
  • Double click the OOBETimer displayed on the right side of the window.
  • Now change all the contents with this on: FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD
  • Now right click on the WPAEvents option in the registry editor and click on permissions.
  • A new window will be displayed. On this window click on System and below it check all the options under deny field.
  • Click OK and restart your computer.
Now your computer will not show any activation or genuine advantage problem and you can install all latest Microsoft software without having to check for the validity of the windows.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Check whether your cellphone is Original or not

Here is a very important and useful trick to find out whether your cellphone is Original or a duplicate one.

  • By original here i mean that the cellphone is manufactured in the company where it claims it has been manufactured and duplicate/ fake ones are those which claims something but are actually manufactured somewhere else.

  • First of all press the following code in your mobile phone: *#06#
  • Most of you would be familiar with this code as it displays the unique mobile code called IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. but we are unaware of the information we can retrieve from this IMEI number.
  • IMEI is a 15 digit number.
  • Check the numbers at 7th and 8th place from left.
  • If the 7th and 8th digits are 02 or 20 then it means that your cellphone was assembled in Emirates which is very bad quality.
  • If the 7th and 8th digits are 08 or 80 then it means that your cellphone was manufactured in Germany which is fair quality.
  • If the 7th and 8th digits are 01 or 10 then it means that your cellphone was manufactured in Finland which is very good quality.
  • If the 7th and 8th digits are 00 then it means that your cellphone was manufactured in Original Factory which is the best quality.
  • If the 7th and 8th digits are 13 then it means that your cellphone was assembled in Azerbaijan which is very bad quality and is also very dangerous for your health.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best and cheap internet connection ever

Most of us pay a lot of money for just getting connected to the internet without doing anything worth and pay such a huge amount mainly for checking mails and social networking. There are several drawbacks of the wired internet connection.
  • It normally costs us around Rs.500 per month for a broadband connection.
  • There is no mobility
  • High initial cost
**The only advantage it has is the speed.

Now two companies Airtel and TATA DOCOMO introduced amazing gprs plans which brought in a revolution in the telecom industry.

  • Airtel is now offering gprs service at the price of RS.95 for one month with data usage of 2GB free day and nght.

  • TATA DOCOMO is one step ahead.. it launched a new offer that includes 2 GB of data usage @ Rs.48 per month only. and another pack of rs.95 which gives 6GB of data usage for one month.
Requirements for using the above plans:
  • handset enabled with gprs, (bluetooth capability, data cable for PC use)
  • offer available in Punjab and many other states. contact your operator.
  • for airtel plan recharge with Rs.95 (contact CC for details) and dial *567*11# for activating the offer.
  • for TATA DOCOMO recharge with rs.48 or rs.95
  • contact customer care if problem occurs.
  • for setting up internet connection in PC see my previous post.
  • good speed around 64kbps surfing and i am usually getting 15-19 kbps downloading speed using IDM.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Send full 160 character sms free of cost from internet

Now it's the time to cut down your mobile bills. Here is a very new web site that gives its user the facility to send full 160 character sms to any mobile number in India.

The site has the following facilities:

1. Send sms to any number of full length

2. Sms alert to be sent later.

3. Send birthday alert to any number

4. Add contacts and maintain them online.

5. A very user friendly interface.

  • To join the site just visit

Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Test your AntiVirus

Here is a very safe method to test your antivirus

Step 1: Open notepad and paste the following code in it :


Step 2: Save the file by the name ""

Step 3: Right click the file and scan the file with your anti virus

Step 4: If your anti virus detects it as a virus then it is working properly else just change your anti virus.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Make free calls to anywhere in the world from Internet

Want to make free call to your loved ones?

Step 1: Just enter your mobile number in the comment and i will send you a link in sms.

Step 2: Go to the link and register there

Step 3: Start making free calls.

Step 4: Earn calling minutes by adding your friends as your referrals.

Step 5: you have the option to specify both source number and destination number while making a call. So you can make anonymous calls to anyone.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to password protect your Folder

** Protect your private data without using any additional software

Step 1: Select the folder which you want to password protect.

Step 2: Right click and select the option : Send to -> Compressed (zip) folder.

Step 3: A new zip folder is created.

Step 4: Double click to open the folder.

Step 5: Go to file and select add password.

Step 6: Set the desired password.

Step 7: The contents of the folder can be viewed but can not be opened without a valid password.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to use your mobile when the battery is empty

Note: This hack is for NOKIA mobile phones only

* Nokia mobile phones come with an inbuilt facility to increase the Battery life.

* Suppose you want to make an important call and the battery is empty.

* Press *3370#

* Your phone will restart in few seconds and will show around 50% increase in the battery meter.

* Now you can make your call.

Precaution :

* Never allow your battery to get empty.

* Always use the original charger and battery as duplicates may lead to explosion due to overheating.

* Never make a call while the mobile is being charged. It overheats your cellphone.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Connecting PC to internet using GPRS

Now you can surf the net wireless using mobile phone and a PC. just follow these steps to configure.

  • install the pc suite/ driver for your mobile handset.
  • Connect your mobile via data cable or pair using bluetooth.
  • Go to control panel ---- phone and modems.
  • under the modems tab double click the modem using which you want to connect.
  • Now under the advanced tab fill the extra initialization string as given below:

AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","APN" <cr>

here replace the APN with the APN of your mobile service provider.

some of the APN are:

* BSNL - bsnlnet

** Others may ask their customer care for APN
  • Click OK.
  • the connection using PC suite or make a connection using create new connection in control panel
with number to be dialed as *99***1#

How to use internet in your college when it is restricted

Here is a trick to access internet from the PC in your computer lab.

Step 1: The PC must be connected to the LAN.

Step 2: Go to your library and check the IP address of any Computer in library as internet is generally accessible from the library computer.

Step 3: Now come back on your PC and go to Start-> All programs -> accessories-> communications -> Remote desktop connection

Step 4: In the space provided just enter the IP address of your library computer.

Step 5: You are now watching the library computer's Login screen.

Step 6: Type in the Username and password and login.

Step 7: Just open the Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox and Hurray !!! you can access internet from your lab.

Defensive Methods:

1. Disable Remote desktop in your computer so that others can't remotely login to your PC.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Make a bootable Windows XP pen-drive

For this hack you must have an ISO image of a bootable Windows XP in your hard disk. Google it..

Step 1: Download the software "Unetbootin" from here.

Step 2: Run the application and specify the location of the ISO image.

Step 3: Specify the location of the USB pen drive i.e the drive letter.

Step 4: click next and wait for some time.

Now you have created a bootable pen drive. Restart your computer and boot from the USB disk and the the booting must start.

1. pen drive must be of at least 1GB capacity.
2. some computers can not boot from a USB drive so this won't work for them.

Make a MS - DOS bootable Pen Drive

Nowadays floppies and their drives are rarely found. So creating a bootable floppy is not worthy. With this hack you can create a bootable pen drive having MS DOS installed in it.

USE: The bootable pen drive can be used to boot into DOS and perform the commands without booting into windows. You can perform major operations like formatting your system drive ( C:\).

Step 1: Download the software named "windows enabler" from here.

Step 2: Install the software.

Step 3: On the task bar click on the enabler icon formed so that it displays "ON".

Step 4: Now go to "my computer" and right click your pen drive.

Step 5: Click on the " format" option in the context menu.

Step 6: Select the option "create an MS-DOS startup disk" and click on "start".

Your pen drive is now ready to boot. Change the boot option in your BIOS setting to boot from the pen drive.

Recover Windows password

Note: Do not hack public computers as you may be prosecuted.. the following lesson is just for ethical hacking (defensive) and not for attack.

Sometimes it happens that you forget your windows password!!!

how to login now??

Step 1: Download the bootable image of Linux from here.

Step 2: Download the software to make a bootable usb drive like this one.

Step 3: make the usb pen drive bootable and install the .iso image we downloaded earlier.

Step 4: Reboot your system and select the bios option to set the boot sequence. Put the usb to first preference.

Step 5: if booted successfully, you will see a ophcrack startup page. click on "automatic". It will start with Linux OS.

Step 6: Just wait and see the password displayed on the screen.

If you want to prevent your computer from being hacked this way then follow the Defensive action given:

Defensive action:

1. Use a long password more than 10 characters

2. Use combination of alphabets and numericals and symbols in password

3. Put a password for BIOS settings

4. Disable booting from pen drive (usb drives)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Windows XP administrator password hack

Note: Do not hack public computers as you may be prosecuted.. the following lesson is just for ethical hacking (defensive) and not for attack.

This post is for all those who want to peek into the administrator account of a windows xp based machine and do some pranks... so lets get started. To perform this hack you must first have access to administrator account once and then the whole computer is yours.

Step 1: ask your administrator/ teacher to log in to the computer with their account as yours is not working ;-)

Step 2: Open the folder "system32". It is present in the windows directory. i.e C:\windows\system32

Step 3: Search for the file named "cmd.exe" in this folder.

Step 4: Copy the "cmd.exe" file to the desktop and rename it to "sethc.exe". This name reminds me of someone :-)

Step 5: Now copy the file "sethc.exe" you just named back to the folder "System32".

Step 6: Windows will ask you to overwrite an already existing file of the same name. just press "Yes".

Step 7: Logoff the system and when the password screen appears just press your "Shift" key 5 times. The command prompt will pop up.

Step 8: Now lets do some engineering task.

Step 9: Type the following command in the command prompt:
net user /add username password
here just replace the "username" with the username which you want to create and replace the "password" field with the desired password.

Step 10: Press Enter (The most difficult step :-) )

The command completed successfully !!!!

now you have the full administrator access and now in the login screen just type the username you typed in the command prompt and the password.

Hurray !!!! you have just created a new user with full administrator access.

The best thing in this is that even if your administrator disables your account, you can do the same procedure any time i.e pressing the shift key 5 times and create new user. Enjoy!!!

Defensive methods:

1. lock your C:\ using software (like PC security)
2. never let your administrator account to be accessed by your friend