Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to use internet in your college when it is restricted

Here is a trick to access internet from the PC in your computer lab.

Step 1: The PC must be connected to the LAN.

Step 2: Go to your library and check the IP address of any Computer in library as internet is generally accessible from the library computer.

Step 3: Now come back on your PC and go to Start-> All programs -> accessories-> communications -> Remote desktop connection

Step 4: In the space provided just enter the IP address of your library computer.

Step 5: You are now watching the library computer's Login screen.

Step 6: Type in the Username and password and login.

Step 7: Just open the Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox and Hurray !!! you can access internet from your lab.

Defensive Methods:

1. Disable Remote desktop in your computer so that others can't remotely login to your PC.


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