Monday, August 9, 2010

How to create chinese mobile driver for PC

These days Chinese mobile phones are so popular that almost everyone owns one. There are so many brands like G-five, LAVA and lots more that are bundled with inbuilt gprs modem and data cable but the major drawback is that they do not provide the device driver required to run internet on a PC.

So here is a simple hack to enable internet browsing on your PC without having to buy any device driver. (This is a windows XP tested hack)
  • Attach your phone to PC using Data Cable
  • Open Control Panel
  • Double click on the Phone and Modems
  • Under the modems tab click on Add button.
  • Check the don't detect my modem; i will select it from a list option
  • A new window opens having many options on the right side
  • move down the scroll and click on Standard 9600 bps modem.
  • Another window open
  • Select the COM port to which your mobile is attached and click next (e.g COM 1).
  • Thats it. Now you can create a new connection using your new standard 9600 bps modem which is your cellphone modem.
Note : If the above doesn't work then download the device driver from here and try the above steps again.


Anonymous said...

phone not detected by pc

ances said...

ok.. then just download the driver file first i provided above and extract it. then attach ur cellphone to pc. when the "found new hardware" window opens up just point the explorer to the folder containing the driver. now your phone will be installed and will be available in device manager. Now follow the above steps to create the modem driver. note the com port from device manager.

Anonymous said...

Well Done!!!!!!!!

ances said...


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