Saturday, March 6, 2010

Windows XP administrator password hack

Note: Do not hack public computers as you may be prosecuted.. the following lesson is just for ethical hacking (defensive) and not for attack.

This post is for all those who want to peek into the administrator account of a windows xp based machine and do some pranks... so lets get started. To perform this hack you must first have access to administrator account once and then the whole computer is yours.

Step 1: ask your administrator/ teacher to log in to the computer with their account as yours is not working ;-)

Step 2: Open the folder "system32". It is present in the windows directory. i.e C:\windows\system32

Step 3: Search for the file named "cmd.exe" in this folder.

Step 4: Copy the "cmd.exe" file to the desktop and rename it to "sethc.exe". This name reminds me of someone :-)

Step 5: Now copy the file "sethc.exe" you just named back to the folder "System32".

Step 6: Windows will ask you to overwrite an already existing file of the same name. just press "Yes".

Step 7: Logoff the system and when the password screen appears just press your "Shift" key 5 times. The command prompt will pop up.

Step 8: Now lets do some engineering task.

Step 9: Type the following command in the command prompt:
net user /add username password
here just replace the "username" with the username which you want to create and replace the "password" field with the desired password.

Step 10: Press Enter (The most difficult step :-) )

The command completed successfully !!!!

now you have the full administrator access and now in the login screen just type the username you typed in the command prompt and the password.

Hurray !!!! you have just created a new user with full administrator access.

The best thing in this is that even if your administrator disables your account, you can do the same procedure any time i.e pressing the shift key 5 times and create new user. Enjoy!!!

Defensive methods:

1. lock your C:\ using software (like PC security)
2. never let your administrator account to be accessed by your friend


VAKUL said...

oooh my god....thanx yr....i have never seen such a fantastic hacking tip:).....this is the most difficult hacking tip.....which i can expect from u..........u have saved many one's lives.......god bless u...agar tu na hota toh sabka kya hota...:)
thnku (admaster i mean) headmaster:)
lage raho...........:)

Preet said...

hmmm,,,, grt8 yar ...
vry bad othrwise becozzz this is nne of my use.....tune vo to mntion ni kra jo mne kaha tha...

rahul said...


Thats greats yar...........
i have never know such type of hacking tip.......
this is too much complicated......but nothing is impossible 4 me.......Tell me that Is it same in all windows version like vista And 7............

ances said...

tried once for vista bt it says "can not overwrite the file sethc.exe , access denied" try it.. it may work for 7

ances said...

@ rahul
for vista n window 7 you may use the bootable pen drive to boot into Linux and then perform the above steps of copying and renaming as there will be no restriction in that case.

sahil said...

hey this is too gud trick......................and with the help of this trick i hacked 3 pc's......awesome trick

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